Have you ever met a chess legend?  How about playing in a chess legend's tournament? Well, that's exactly what I was able to do, by playing in this year's Spice Cup in St. Louis, organized and hosted by none other then the fabled Susan Polgar.  As most of you would know, Susan was the first woman to achieve the title of GrandMaster, in the year 1991.  She went on to become the reigning World Champion, from the years 1996-1999.  So it truly was an honor to be able to meet her , and participate in her tournament. The Spice Cup was to be the second tournament  of my October series, after the Continental Chess tournament in Crystal City, Virginia.  

Akshat Chandra with Susan Polgar - receiving the co-winner U2400 prize at  The Spice Cup - Oct 2013

Sorry for the brief writeup, but the lengthy writeup I'd done got deleted. It's a pain to try and recreate everything 🙂

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